1. For a Democratic Europe
  2. For Civil and Political Rights in Burma


Photo: With one of my heroes,
Aung San Suu Kyi,
in her home in Rangoon, 1996(Burma)


  • Helmut Schmidt

I shall miss Helmut Schmidt. He has inspired me ever since I met him in 1969 as young high school student. In 2010, he allowed me to organize a diner for him with some leading Europeans. Here is a transcript of the fascinating discussion : A Dinner with Helmut Schmidt


  • Rede in Wien
    Im Rahmen des SPÖ-Zukunftsprojekts "Österreich 2020" (Ö2020) lud am 14. März 2010 Sozialminister Rudolf Hundstorfer zu einer Diskussion mit dem Thema "Sozialstaat im 21. Jahrhundert - Vision oder Utopie?" ins Parlament. Hundstorfer ist politischer Verantwortlicher der "Österreich 2020"-Diskursgruppe „Soziales, Beschäftigung und Wirtschaft".
    Hier ist mein Beitrag (video).
    ist die Präsentation in PDF.

  • Radio interviews:
  • Since 1969: Member of German Social Democratic Party (SPD)
  • Since 1990: President of Association France-Birmanie.
  • 1993-1995: European Coordinator of European Burma Support Groups.


I've been teaching Political economy courses to some burmese students. Here is the powerpoint :
The Myanmar economy after the February 2021 Coup



  • Human Rights and the Economy in Burma; in: Robert Taylor, Burma, Political Economy under Military Rule, C. Hurst & Co, London, 2001.

  • Why Do Poor Countries Choose Low Human Rights? Some Lessons from Burma; Habilitationsvortrag, Freie Universität Berlin, 1999. Sumary and download

  • The Burmese Economy and the Withdrawal of European Trade Preferences; in: EIAS Briefing Paper No. 97/02, Brussels, April 1997.
    Download in PDF.

On the subject I also find interesting the following work: