Professor of Political Economy

Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa
International Chief Economist - Centro Europa Ricerche (CER), Roma
Euro-Asia Forum - Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies
Institute of Global Affairs (London School of Economics)



  • The philosophical counter offensive to Neoliberalism starts here :
    Negative and Positive Liberty and the Freedom to Choose. (unpublished paper) 31/05/2016

    Abstract : In the name of promoting negative liberty, neoliberalism has shrunk the democratic state and thereby reduced positive liberty. The paper argues that this philosophy is a mistaken interpretation of Berlin’s two concepts of liberty, whereby negative liberty mean non-interference and positive liberty interference by the state. In a simple model of individual and collective choice it is shown that positive and negative liberty are interdependent and that liberal democracy is the proper articulation of positive liberty.
  • Stefan Collignon, Piero Esposito, Marco Forti, Petya Garalova and Carlo Milani, Employment, migration and growth, Centro Europa Ricerche (CER), rapporto 1, 2016.

    Enrico Pedemonte. Le verità scomode su migranti e lavoro - Una ricerca del Cer sfata un tabù della sinistra europea. Nei Paesi del Sud gli stranieri fanno concorrenza ai locali. Al Nord pesano sul welfare. In : Pagina 99, 22 oct. 2016



  • Stefan Collignon and Piero Esposito. Wage Competitiveness in Luxembourg. A Study engaged by the Government of the Grand Dutchy of Luxembourg In respect of the Project Wage Imbalances in the European Labour Market. London, 29 September 2016. LSE consulting.



  • "Austerity experience shows we need EMU-sized democracy » - A commentary by Stefan Collignon on : "Welcome to Austerity 2.0 - The financial impact of Brexit has led to fears of prolonged or intensified austerity across Europe. Dana Reizniece-Ozola examines the economic pitfalls ahead" in : Europe’s World, Autumn 2016, p.49.
  • Saboi Jum – A Man of Peace. The centre for peace and convict studies and Shalom foundation, Phnom Phen And Yangoon, Book publication (forth coming 2016)


  • Celebrating UNESCO’s Recognition of Dr Puey Ungphakorn and His Centennial Anniversary in London. 08.10.2016.
    This was my speech.
    The background paper is here. Puey Ungpakorn, Founding Father of Modern Thailand in :  Seeds of Peace, 2015, Bangkok.